Specific Sessions webinar dates  for 2018 will be established soon. All webinars will be recorded.

The Successful Nurse—Personal and Professional Development

Nurses Change Lives-Now Its Time to Change Yours!

The Successful Nurse is an online interactive program designed to transform your professional and personal life to be successful. With tracks available for nurse educators and for practicing nurses (including new managers), the Academy is tailored to your needs. Initially you will complete 2 one-on-one sessions with Diann Martin, PhD, RN to complete the Passion Test and identify your 5 top priorities for living an ideal life. You will create markers for these passions so you can begin to take actions to move from where you are now, to where you want to be, both in your career and your personal life. Building on this solid platform, you will be part of twice a month 90 minute webinars which include a combination of LEARNING NEW SKILLS in nursing education or NURSING PRACTICE and LEADERSHIP. The webinars will be interactive and will be recorded if you are unable to attend live. In addition to the webinars, you will benefit from twice a month, one on one consulting/mentoring calls with Dr. Martin to discuss your individual successes, resource needs and plans to live your ideal life. Handout materials and tools will be provided to support each aspect of the program.

Sample Topics for Nurse Educator Track

  • What Nursing Students and Nursing Programs Need from Nurse Educators
  • Maximizing Your Classroom and Clinical Teaching Practices
  • Working Effectively with Challenging Situations and People
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback-Grading, Evaluating, Item Writing
  • Building and Branding Your Professional Career Successfully
  • Practicing Radical Self Care
  • Taking the Lead -how to effectively lead projects, groups and people
  • Nursing Regulation and Accreditation-Your role

Sample Topics for Practicing Nurses and New Managers

  • The Current and Future Challenges of the Nursing Profession
  • The Ingredients and Recipe for a Successful Career in Nursing
  • Managing Stress and Conflict Effectively
  • Leadership Inventory and Skills
  • Evaluating Clinical Performance
  • Managing Change Wisely
  • Practicing Radical Self Care as a Nurse
  • Taking 100% Responsibility