Service Learning–RoadScholarsRN/International

RoadScholarsRN/International is a service learning provider for nursing students (undergraduate and graduate). We coordinate and manage trips to developing countries that allow students to engage in clinical experiences and earn academic credit for their work. Trips can be customized to programs and local faculty can attend as preceptors and instructors. In addition, Diann Martin, PhD, RN is a family nurse practitioner and can serve as a clinical instructor. Trips will be offered in Ecuador, Cuba and the Philippines. We can tailor a program to any nursing school and course so that credit can be earned. Students will study the local health care system, health indicators and any local healthcare beliefs that influence practice. RoadScholars/RN works collaboratively with United Planet to set up the local logistics including transportation, lodging, meals and placement in clinical settings. Diann Martin will provide clinical supervision, personal development activities and debriefing. This program can be offered as part of an existing curriculum or as a stand-alone learning experience for students.

For faculty or program administrators interested in a customized service learning program, please contact Dr. Martin at

For students interested in a service learning experience of up to 4 weeks please contact

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Pricing is based on location, housing, transportation and other services. Contact Diann Martin at for more information.