The Voice of The Nurse and The Patient Seem to be Missing from the Board Rooms of the Medical Community

nurses in boardrooms, nurses on committees, nurse advocates, nurse trustees, nurses making a differenceWhile patients are the ultimate focus and purpose of what we do and nurses make up the majority of the care that is provided to them, the voices of nurses  are almost absent from the conference tables of the Boardrooms and Committees that direct decision-making on  patient care.

Doctors fill 20% of the board seats while nurses fill only 6%. The voices of doctors are  important, but  nurses and patient advocates seem to be holding a smaller number of seats at the table  as compared  to the impact they have on the care of patients.

This is why Nursing Trustees are so important and could be a great opportunity for those of us wishing to make an overall impact on the way that healthcare  is practiced throughout the community.

Whether  this reality is just confusion or an unintentional misunderstanding-our voices and input  are not being sought,  and we as nurses, must start speaking up and playing a larger role in the high-stakes  world of healthcare leadership.

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