How Our Coping Mechanisms Affect Us at Home


The way our coping mechanisms for work affect us at home is not always a good thing.

It’s what we are taught to internalize our emotions. We deal with the affects of what we see after the situation is over and we are able to be in our own world.

We are taught to be professional. To go home and cry then come back to work the next day ready to do it again.

How do our coping mechanisms for work affect us at home?

How do you react to your young child when they come to you with a minor cut? Do you provide the amount of comfort that they need or do your taught mechanisms show their face?

The fact is, because of your medical background, you are more likely to downplay injuries and illnesses of your friends and loved ones.  Sad but true.

This results in our friends and loved ones feeling as though we are uncaring and maybe even annoyed by our reactions.

Can we change our coping mechanisms?

Sure we can, but how?

What can we do to be more compassionate in our personal lives?

First, we need to realize that our chosen profession affects our personal life much differently than other professions.

Then we need to take time for ourselves, professionally and personally.

Creating a more balanced life will allow you to change the way you react to situations at home will help you create separate coping mechanisms for home and work.

You will find that you do have the ability to be more compassionate to friends and loved ones.

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