Is Lying Ever Okay in Nursing

lying OK for nursesWe face challenges and decisions every day within our field that many others may not ever have to make. Does that make lying OK for nurses?

Is Lying OK for nurses?

Among the challenges and decisions we face is an ethical issue that a lot of professions don’t have to face: When, if ever, is lying OK for nurses?

Of course, there are many situations where lying is not acceptable under any circumstances. What about those times where just the omission of truth is a real possibility and could make a difference in the comfort of a patient?

There are also times where patients specifically ask not to be told information. Is following their wishes in their best interests?

The answer to the ethical question of when, if ever, lying is okay for nurses, is a question we may never answer or agree on. But it will always be there.

What it boils down to

The truth is, there are times when withholding the truth from a patient or family member is acceptable.

As a nurse, it is a challenge you will face.

Here is an article that contains more insight on this controversial subject. 

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