What Nursing Jobs Are Out There (That Aren’t In Hospitals)

there are nursing jobs Yes! There are nursing jobs outside of hospitals.

It’s a fact, not every nurse is cut out to work in a hospital setting. But there are still lots of opportunities for you to build your career.

There are nursing jobs where you don’t work in hospitals

Maybe you are a new nurse, or an established nurse that just wants a career change. Know that there are lots of job opportunities available for you. And, they don’t have to be in a hospital.

Here are just a few:

  • Home Care Nurse – Care for patients in the comfort of their home. If you have your RN, you’re likely to find this to be an easy field to get into as it doesn’t require a lot hospital experience.
  • Hospice Nurse – A more specialized field and one that, obviously, requires a lot of compassion. It requires a great bedside manner and the ability to communicate in a compassionate, yet effective manner during stressful times. This field is expected to grow in the next few years.
  • Rehab Centers / Skilled Nursing Facilities – Similar to nursing homes but with more extensive medical services.
  • School Nurse – Not a high paying job but you do have a regular, steady schedule with time off when schools are not in session. This could be a great opportunity for the mom who wants to be home with her kids yet needs the income.
  • Corrections Nurse – You will need to be comfortable working with criminals but is an option. It’s not a low stress career but can be a fulfilling one.
  • Health Insurance Industry – More of an office setting that will combine your medical knowledge with the health insurance industry. This industry can include many things such as company physicals, clinical chart reviews, and case management.


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