Obesity Rate On The Rise

A new federal report shows that more Americans are obese despite an overall increase in the rate of regular exercise.

The National Center for Health Statistics found that 31.4 percent of Americans over the age of 20 were obese in 2017. That’s up from 19.4 percent who were obese in the 1997 version of the study.

At the same time, the number of Americans getting regular exercise has increased. In 2017, 53.8 percent of Americans met physical activity guidelines recommended by the federal government, up from just 41 percent who met those guidelines as recently as 2005.

In the nursing profession, almost 60% of working nurses are obese. This information is particularly troubling when it is estimated that over 90% of nurses do not discuss healthy diets or nutrition with patients during their hospitalizations. Healthy living is a must for success in life and certainly for those of us in the health profession. Believe me, I know this from my personal experience as a formally obese nurse.

In 2010 I weighed 240 lbs. on my 5ft frame. After undergoing bariatric surgery my weight has dropped to 130 lbs. and I exercise 3x/week with a trainer. My diet habits changed completely and I have a new relationship with food having stopped compulsive over-eating. It has not been easy or simple but it has been worth it.

In 2018, the ANA has focused its theme on healthy living for nurses. I urge you to assess your own health and weight status and take at least 3 action steps this month if you are not at or near your ideal weight. Your life depends on it.

To your success!