New Year (and Resolutions)

Each year we make new year’s resolutions, and many of us resolve to be healthier. We make them with the intent to keep them, and then slowly but surely they fall off due to competing interests. As a nurse, I have often thought about how important it is for us to be healthy in order to help others. It is like on a plane when we receive our “emergency instructions.” We are taught to get our oxygen mask attached and working first before helping others. The same principle should apply to us caregivers.

Wellness is such an important topic and one that moves beyond simply losing weight through diet and exercise. It truly does involve the mind, body, and spirit. How are you doing with your wellness?


We will be having a live webinar on this important topic soon. Joining me will be my colleague and friend Dr. Mitchell Bloomer, who among other things is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist. We will be talking about this all-important wellness-based topic and sharing tips on how to avoid falling off.

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My best,