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Update on Future of Nursing report – Are We There Yet?

Formerly known as The Institute of Medicine (IOM), The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (the National Academies) have called on nurses to take a bigger role in America’s health care system to help meet its increasingly complex and changing demands. The National Academies are private, nonprofit institutions that provide independent, objective analysis and […]

Future of Nursing

 Ten years ago, the Robert Wood Johnson foundation and the Institute if Medicine (now the Institutes of Science) published a report with recommendations for the future of nursing. The challenges to the profession included: Increasing the number of doctoral prepared nurses; Increasing the percentage of BSN prepared nurses to 80% by 2020; Expanding the scope […]

The Successful Nurse Podcast Episode #3

Success Factors In episode three, Dr. Martin offers reflective writing exercises that will help you identify and define your meaning of success. As well as, discover actions and activities to help lead an ideal life.      

The Successful Nurse Podcast Episode #2

Success Formula Step 2 Attention/No Tension In episode two, Dr. Martin delves deeper into the formula of Success, Attention/No Tension. Discover how important “action steps” are in manifesting your attentions in life. As well as, learning what you need to “let go” in order to attract it.