New Year (and Resolutions)

Each year we make new year’s resolutions, and many of us resolve to be healthier. We make them with the intent to keep them, and then slowly but surely they fall off due to competing interests. As a nurse, I have often thought about how important it is for us to be healthy in order […]

Just Ask!

Just Ask! The Struggles are real   Most of us struggle with problems or tasks until we resolve them or get frustrated and give up. As an example I spent almost two hours yesterday trying to reformat a MS Word document for a conference where I am speaking. I was beyond annoyed having tried everything […]

Asking For Help Reveals Strength, Not Weakness

Margie Warrell’s article does a wonderful job of showing how we can pull others up by simply asking for help when me may need. It’s not a burden but a gift we offer to others. Check back on Wednesday for my newest blog post. To your Success! – Diann  

NPs, PAs Could Reduce Primary Care Physician Shortage Nearly 70%

Sara Heath’s article brings to light a report that underscores the impact and need for NPs!  

Self Care

The Successful Nurse Podcast #6

A Critical Need for Self Care In episode six, Dr. Diann Martin discusses a critical issue facing nurses today, Self Care.      

Alleviate Suffering

Nurses & Self Care

Our Self Care is Lacking – BIG TIME! Desire to do good work Most of us went into the nursing profession to help people. We want to alleviate suffering, promote wellness and give compassionate care to others. Nursing education is rigorous, expensive and time consuming. Those men and women who forge ahead and earn their […]