Where Do You Feel Your Pain?

Over the last few  months I have attended four national nurse educator conferences and have used the graphic below to market my consulting services to nursing education leaders. Most people smile and nod and take a copy of the flyer with them as they leave my exhibit. I like to tell people that I have […]

Hoarding, clutter

Hoarding Disorder – What You Need To Know

As a visiting nurse in the 1970s-1990s I recall a subset of clients who lived almost as prisoners in their homes. They were hoarders and their lifestyle and  reality were yet to make a hit on reality TV or even be discussed by providers. I recall as a nursing manager in home health when a […]

Proper Medication Disposal

Question: What is the proper method by which to dispose of unused or expired medications? Response from Darrell Hulisz, PharmD Associate Professor of Family Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine, University Hospitals, Case Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio Patients often have medicine cabinets that are filled with unused and expired medications. Prescription drugs that […]

Assessment of comatose patients through telemedicine efforts shown to be reliable

from  the Mayo Clinic Reliable assessment of comatose patients in intensive care units is critical to the patients’ care. Providers must recognize clinical status changes quickly to undertake proper interventions. But does the provider need to be in the same room as the patient, or can robotic telemedicine be used successfully to complete the assessment? […]

ANA Principles on Health Care System Reform – Talking Points

Information from the American Nurses Association in response to our new president’s plan to eliminate the Affordable Care Act. It is important that we present a clear voice from nurses on this topic. Please read.