The Successful Nurse Podcast #6

A Critical Need for Self Care In episode six, Dr. Diann Martin discusses a critical issue facing nurses today, Self Care.      

Nurses & Self Care

Our Self Care is Lacking – BIG TIME! Desire to do good work Most of us went into the nursing profession to help people. We want to alleviate suffering, promote wellness and give compassionate care to others. Nursing education is rigorous, expensive and time consuming. Those men and women who forge ahead and earn their […]

Damaging Effects of the Lack of Self Care

The nursing profession and all practitioners need to become aware of the incidence and prevalence of substance abuse, suicide and obesity among their ranks. Plans for recognition and treatment of these disorders need to be formulated and implemented to help nurses cope with the demands of the job  

The Successful Nurse Podcast Episode #5

Issues Facing Nurse Educators In episode five, Dr. Diann Martin highlights major issues facing Nurse Educators and key resources to address these issues.                

Nurse Educator – A Multidimensional Role

Nurse Educator A Multidimensional Role Being a nurse educator is not for sissies. The role requires a great deal of knowledge, many skills and competencies and highly developed professional behaviors. As an educator, you influence the future of the profession and make lasting transformation in your students. The exciting news is that you can select […]