You Are A Genius
Services Include:
  • Design and create courses/programs for healthcare, nursing, and beyond.
  • Assist with preparation for a program or institutional accreditation or re-accreditation, i.e. self-study reports, data analytics, conduct mock site visits, educate faculty, staff, and students regarding accreditation standards and site visit activities.
  • Academic program evaluation with recommendations for improvement in structure, processes and organizational and student outcomes.
  • Faculty development workshops on test item writing and item analysis, active and adaptive teaching strategies, working with high-risk students, clinical teaching and simulations.
  • Recommendations to improve NCLEX and other professional qualifying examinations.
  • Business data analytics and assistance with dashboards and scorecards.
  • Continuing education opportunities including fields with required training hours.
  • Consulting in core areas including Nursing, Higher Education, and Healthcare and a variety of boutique offerings including:


Sign up for a free 1-hour session with Diann to discuss your professional and personal goals and challenges. Determine your fit with Diann’s style and process. Following this introductory session, she will provide you with a recommended Coaching Plan and fee schedule.

Passion Test Facilitation for Individuals or Groups

The Passion Test has been recognized as the premier system to assist people with identifying the components that would make their lives ideal. Once you identify your passions, you prioritize them to rank your top 5 items. Next, you evaluate the extent to which they are actualized in your life right now and you begin to craft a plan to fully live them. The PT typically is experienced in 2 one-hour sessions. It can be offered to a group or one on one. Using the PT system is very effective for inspiring a workgroup.


Examples of College Clients:

  • Beckfield College (Kentucky)
  • Chamberlain School of Nursing (Illinois)
  • Heald College of Nursing (California)
  • Herzing University (Wisconsin)
  • Keypath Education (Illinois)
  • Northwestern Colleges (Illinois)
  • Unitek College (California)
  • Western Governor’s University (Utah