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Nurse Educator Program

Being successful as a nursing educator requires a unique mix of knowledge, skills/competencies and behaviors. In this program you will not only learn critical content, but you will have the chance to apply and practice skills and behaviors in a safe and nurturing environment. You will also earn continuing education credit. The benefits to you as a participant will include:

  • Understanding important nursing regulatory and accreditation standards and how to demonstrate compliance and manage onsite audits and reports
  • Examining the future of healthcare and the future of the nursing profession and how to best prepare your career to align with needs
  • How to ensure your career advancement and success as manager, faculty member, author, speaker and thought leader in nursing
  • Strategies for evaluating staff or students and enhancing their performance
  • Practicing radical self-care during times of change, complexity and conflict
  • Nurse Educators will learn about accelerated learning, flipped classroom, clinical education, test item writing and item analysis and managing problems with students and faculty

Join the 12 week program or enroll in individual seminars that work best for you. Participate in interactive web-based seminars that will be recorded and available for download. All handout materials and workbooks will be available.

Dr. Martin has been a nurse executive leader and national consultant for over 30 years and has served as Dean of Nursing at four universities nationwide.

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Classes Begin January 15th, 2019